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The objective of SKY’s workshops is to empower community members one person at time as a means of contributing to First Nations community development. Community development, where community members come together to take collective action to generate solutions to common problems is something we are seeing in First Nations communities. Community development ranges in scale of initiatives that are overarched by a larger community objective. Communities that are taking a lead on tackling local issues, through a communal vision are using innovative strategies to help their communities. SKY’s workshops go hand-in-hand with its service: Community Economic Development planning.

Personal Budgeting

This workshop will show you ......

Life Skills

This workshop is designed to....

Work Ethics

Problem-solving, Leadership....

Additional Workshop

Customer experience – A training program on how to provide customers with an experience. The training to help artists and artisans on how to diversify their products offering by incorporating a service offering

Additional Workshops

Intro. to Product Pricing (for crafters)

The workshop is designed to provide participants with a learning experience on the fundamentals of pricing, promotion, and selling arts and crafts products.

Introduction on Customer Experience

A workshop that trains artisans on the art of turning a tangible product that they have produced into an intangible product know as experiential tourism.

Business Start-up Bootcamp

The Business Start-up Bootcamp is designed as a 4-day pre-start-up business intense work session for potential entrepreneurs.

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The object of SKY's workshop is to empower Community members on person.