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Irene Neeposh

Irene Neeposh

Irene Neeposhis the founder and owner of SKY and an advocate for financial independence.  As a politician and an entrepreneur, much of her work is related to breaking down barriers that perpetuate dependency. Her passion is to inspire people to find their passion and take an active role in their lives.

Irene owns two other companies that were founded for the purpose of, creating opportunities for her community, and showcasing what communities can do through existing resources. Ungava Gourmet, a condiment and organic tea company, has Sustainable production of products from regional sources non-timber products.

Mewould is a company that sells bags, purses, and all things mewould: bag. The business model is inspired by the concept of social economy. The business structure provides income opportunities to elderly master artisans as designers and income opportunities to stay-at-home mothers and women in correctional facilities. For more information visit the websites at; Ungava Gormet: Mewould: Coming soon.

Irene Neeposh

Over 10 years of employment and economic development, career counselling, mentoring, and community engagement.

About Irene Neeposh

Irene is a member of Startup Canada, Global Entrepreneur, and Slow Food Abitibi in addition to being the author of the Goal-Setting Journal. Her strong work ethic and endeavour to bring out the best in people has earned her numerous awards including:

With a goal of empowering entrepreneurs, she is hard at work offering professional services for business startups in Native communities through her company SKY


Beliefs And Motivation

The issues faced by indigenous people presented themselves as an opportunity to help entrepreneurs overcome the obstacles set forth by political restrain. We must all consciously try to change our own behaviour for the better to maintain strong and healthy relationships with everyone.

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The objective of SKY’s Workshops is to encourage the BIPOC community to see their value as community members and to empower them to take an active role in their lives.